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    Greet people around the world - Say hello! 👋

    Hello and welcome to seven.pics! You may have heard - often programming tutorials start with an example that displays the message "Hello World". This nice tradition has two positive aspects: the simplicity of the task and the feeling of joy when you see the familiar greeting and realize that everything worked out. We decided to apply this idea to seven.pics, inviting you to take part in the "Say Hello to the World!" campaign. Just create your first story in this topic and greet people from around the world in your native language. Click the "Create a new story" button in this topic, post your photo and greet other people in the story title. If you like, you can add photos or symbols of your city/country. Don't forget to share your story on other social media platforms by using the "sharing" function.

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    Are you also watching the EM2020?

    The time has come, the EM2020 is picking up speed. In many places, we can finally cheer on our teams together with other people. This great atmosphere, the suffering but also the tension and joy. Let's all be honest, we have missed that a lot! How do you cheer for your team? Are you the lucky one, who is able to cheer in the stadium? Or do you watch at home with your own friends? No matter, share your story and your emotions with everyone who also loves soccer like you. We wish your team a lot of success! :) #EM #2020 #Euro2020 #Soccer #Team #Flashmob

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    Мои зимние каникулы и отпуск

    Зимние каникулы – это волшебное время Нового года и Рождества, морозных январских дней, когда можно играть в зимние игры на улице, кататься на санках и лыжах, а вечерами заниматься любимыми делами в уютной домашней обстановке. И, конечно, зимние каникулы, как и любые другие, это много впечатлений и интересных историй. А как провели Вы свои зимние каникулы и отпуска 🎄🛷

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    Моя любимая собака!

    Тема о моей Варе.

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    Europas vielseitige Kulisse

    Europa ist ein faszinierender Kontinent und bekannt für seine kulturelle Vielfalt, mit vielen verschiedenen Sprachen, Religionen und Traditionen, die in den verschiedenen Ländern und Regionen des Kontinents zu finden sind. Europäische Städte sind berühmt für ihre Architektur, Kunst und Geschichte, und viele ziehen Touristen aus der ganzen Welt an. Ich lade dich herzlich ein, an der Fortsetzung dieses Themas teilzunehmen und deine Impressionen zu teilen. Hast du Orte besucht oder wohnst an einem Ort, von dem unbedingt die anderen erfahren sollten, dann erstelle eine Story in dem Thema. Zögere nicht und sei ein Teil dieser spannenden Erfahrung! #Europa #Reisen #Travel #Trip #Fotografie #Photography #Landschaften #Natur #Blog #Vlog

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    Jewelry Making Process

    Every beautiful Handmade piece starts with Brilliant💡 Idea and comes to life by making it. How fantasy becomes reality, you can see in this topic. Natalia Keil Design