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National Wine Day in USA

Created: May 25, 2021


Every country celebrates wine day differently and at different times. In the United States, wine lovers officially celebrate a national day on May 25. The first story of this theme will tell you about the origins of this wonderful feast, which definitely deserves a permanent place on your calendar. Let's raise our glasses and also share stories of how this day is celebrated in your country!

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sevenpics presents - National Wine Day in USA

National Wine Day in USA

Strange as it may seem, but official confirmation that May 25 is the national wine day in America is hard to find. Judging by certain resources, this feast could have formed in connection with a flash mob action of wine lovers. By the way, such a feast also exists and it is celebrated on 18 February. However, let's agree that if you love the process of winemaking, or just like to enjoy a glass of delicious wine, then you don't really need an official confirmation. We would like to support the action of the amwine page and invite you to continue this story with the hashtag #NationalWineDay. 
sevenpics presents

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