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sevenpics presents - Singapore


Singapore is one of a kind country. Apart from being a country, it is also an island and a city. The whole of Singapore is one big Island with over mostly uninhabited 62 islets. Singapore is a perfect blend between the natural trail and modernity, ancient and contemporary, the west and east, water and land, and other contrasts. The island city-state has a lot of diversity of attractions, which makes Singapore one of the top tourist destinations for all kinds and ages of people. Here are some captivating places to include in your travel itinerary to enjoy the wonder of Singapore. #travel  
sevenpics presents - Sport


Sport is a major area of human interest and activity. A large part of our leisure, newspaper and TV time is given over to it. A pragmatic approach to defining “sport” is to look at the common usage of the term. A sport can be operationally defined as an activity characteristically involving : # athlete #sport #running #run #girls #women #olympic #fast  
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