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sevenpics presents - Лавандовые истории

Лавандовые истории

Семейная фотосессия в лавандовых полях Молдовы  
sevenpics presents - Швеция на Евровидение 2015

Швеция на Евровидение 2015

Национальный отбор называется Melodifestivalen. Он очень популярен в Швеции и за ее пределами, он состоит из 4 полуфиналов проходящими в разных городах страны, второй шанс и большой финал. Победителем Мелодифестивален 2015 стал певец Монс Селмерлёв с песней «Heroes» (Герои). #eurovision #singer #music #sweden #show #songcontest #participant #melodifestivalen #2015  
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sevenpics presents - High School Graduation Denmark

High School Graduation Denmark

In the evening on the last day of the school, an open-air bus with no real seats will pick up all the children invited to the party from door to door. Each stop along the way includes a 30 minute party for the student’s family and friends, and then all graduates go to the next pick-up location. At midnight, after the last big party with fireworks and drinking and beer with relatives, the bus will return to the same route and send all the children back to their homes. The bus itself will be equipped with huge speakers, kegs, beer crates, and decorated with banners and ribbons. #bus #school