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sevenpics presents - Israel


The State of Israel is a parliamentary democracy, located in Southwest Asia, on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Formed in 1948 by the partition of Palestine, Israel was invaded the day after its establishment by Arab armies; since then it has fought several wars with neighbouring Arab states. #israel #asia #travel #state #food #history #religion 
sevenpics presents - The Kremlin, the main Moscow Landmarks

The Kremlin, the main Moscow Landmarks

In Russian language the word kremlin is used to describe a castle or an important fortified complex. Therefore, one can easily conclude that every major Russian city had its own kremlin during some time in history, but the one in Moscow is definitely the most famous one. It is still active today which makes it the largest active fortress in Europe. It hosts five palaces and four Cathedrals. #moscow #kremlin #castle #complex #famous #history #palace #cathedral