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Canada is the world’s second largest country after Russia. It is simply enormous, measuring almost 4 million square miles, or nearly 10 million square kilometres in area and has more lakes and inland waters than any other country. Some of the lakes are so huge that you can stand on the shore and imagine you are standing at the edge of an ocean. The provinces are so vast that it can take over 24 hours to drive from one border to the next. And all this space is home to around 32 million people, little more than half the population of the United Kingdom. #travel #canada #information #area  
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Канада - друга за величиною країна у світі після Росії. Він просто величезний, площею майже 4 мільйони квадратних миль або майже 10 мільйонів квадратних кілометрів і має більше озер та внутрішніх вод, ніж будь-яка інша країна. Деякі озера настільки величезні, що ви можете стояти на березі і уявляти, що стоїте на краю океану. Провінції настільки великі, що їхати від однієї кордону до іншої може понад 24 години. І на всьому цьому просторі мешкає близько 32 мільйонів людей, що становить трохи більше половини населення Сполученого Королівства. #travel #canada #information #area  
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Die Regeln der Show

Der Eurovision Song Contest besteht aus drei Shows: zwei Halbfinalrunden (normalerweise Dienstag und Donnerstag) und einem Finale (normalerweise Samstag). Jede Sendung wird live übertragen. Jede Veranstaltung ist eine hochmoderne, erstklassige Fernsehproduktion, die aus einer Abfolge von Auftritten von Künstlern besteht, die ihr Land repräsentieren und in einem nationalen oder nationalen Auswahlverfahren ausgewählt wurden. Die Show wird in Englisch und Französisch durchgeführt. Die Kommentatoren werden von den Teilnehmern - den Sendern - bestimmt. #eurovision #song #contest  
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Poda Islands

Poda Islands travel tips and all you need to about this beautiful island is given in this post. Koh Poda, famously known as the Poda Island is a beautiful vacation spot amidst the nature in South Thailand. Located off the coast of Krabi, Poda Island could turn out to be a great day trip for your friends and family. Well connected with major vacation destinations like Railay Beach, Klong Muang and Ao Nang, reaching out to Poda Island is easy and a wonderful experience. The clear waters, effulgent palm trees and soothing white beaches are a sight to see. #travel #islands #beach #relax presents - Cambodia


Cambodia is home to tropical islands hanging around the waters of Sihanoukville. And Koh Rong Samloem is one of the famous islands on the coast, about 4 kilometers away from the south of Koh Rong Island.The island is 9km long and 4km wide. On its narrowest part, it measures about 1 km wide, and it has a distance of 25km from the local port of Sihanoukville and about 23km from the Serendipity beach pier.With the nature of the beach’s dunes and waters on the island, visitors frequent the spot for their vacations. #travel #island #cambodia #kohrong #beach presents - Bali


The Indonesian island of Bali, nearly 5,633m2 in area, lies between Java to the west and Lombok to the east and is one of the more than 17,000 islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago. The island is bordered by the Bali Sea and the Indian Ocean. It is part of one of Indonesia’s 33 provinces, with the capital, Denpasar, located in the south of the island. The island is home to 3,891,428 people who follow various religions: 92.9% Hindu, 5.69% Muslim, 1.38% Christian and 0.64% Buddhist. #travel #bali #island #indonesia #capital #asia presents - Komiža


Komiža is located on the west side of the island of Vis, Croatia, in the deep Komiža Bay. It is separated from the rest of the island by the Hum massif (highest peak 587 m) which descends steeply to the shores of the bay. Such geographical position, and the lack of agricultural land, determined the orientation of Komiža towards the sea and fishing. It is connected to the town of Vis, 10 km away, by a new road via the Sveti Mihovil pass. The distance along the old road Vis – Komiža that passes through the southern part of the island is 20 km. #travel #komiža #croatia ##vis #island presents - Visit historic landmarks of Djerba, Tunisia

Visit historic landmarks of Djerba, Tunisia

In the search for new surprising locations, make sure to visit Djerba, the largest island of North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabès, off the coast of Tunisia. Tunisia has sought UNESCO World Heritage status protections for the island, citing the long and unique Jewish minority’s history on Djerba. Legend has it that Djerba was the island of the „lotus-eaters“ where Odysseus was stranded on his voyage through the Mediterranean sea. Its largest city is Houmt Souk on the northern coast of the island, with a population of around 65,000 #travel #tunisia #island #legend presents - Fuerteventura


Many exciting stories have been heard about relaxations on islands, and the story isn’t so different from that of the Fuerteventura, the second-largest Canary Islands of Spain. This Island lies in the Atlantic Ocean about 100km from Africa’s north coast. It is an accessible location for vacations and relaxations from the world of stress. Fuerteventura Islands is known for its numerous beaches wrapped around cliffs and coves that are suitable for water sports, including surfing, waterskiing, and windsurfing. #travel #spain #canary #island #fuerteventura  
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The Federation of Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia. It consists of two geographical regions divided by the South China Sea: West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia, Malay Peninsula) shares a land frontier in the north with Thailand and is connected by a causeway and a bridge in the south with the island state of Singapore; East Malaysia, the northern part of the island of Borneo, is bordered to the south by Indonesia and borders the Sultanate of Brunei on the east, south, and west. #travel #malaysia #asia #island #beach presents - Lanzarote


In 1994, Lanzarote was declared a Reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO. Lanzarote lies in the Atlantic Ocean, about 100 km from the African coast and 1,000 km from the Iberian Peninsular. It is the most easterly of the seven main Canary Islands, once known as the Fortune Islands. Lanzarote was formed by a volcanic eruption about 15 million years ago, and has mountain ranges in the north and south, and desert lava fields abound. It claims to have the longest underwater volcanic tunnel in the world at over 7km long. The last volcanic eruption was in 1824. #travel #canary #islands #lanzarote presents - Venice


Venice is a tourist, commercial, and industrial centre and capital of Venetia and of Venice province. The city is built on 118 islands within a lagoon in the Gulf of Venice. Venice is connected with the mainland, 2.5 mi (4 km) away, by a rail and highway bridge. Between the islands run about 150 canals, mostly very narrow, crossed by some 400 bridges. The Canal Grande, is the main traffic artery. Houses are built on piles. #travel #italy #venice #islands #grandcanal  
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Beginners Guide to Mediterranean Islands

By some estimates, there are over 10.000 islands spread across the Mediterranean, with more than half situated in Greece alone. You would need multiple lifetimes to visit all of them. Some are simple rocks that protrude from the sea, while others are magnificent regions, sometimes housing whole countries. There are few places in the Mediterranean that are not worth a visit. But, if you are coming to the region, these are places that you just can’t afford to miss. #mediterranean #islands #greece #places #travel presents - Вулкан  Тэйде вид с самолёта

Вулкан Тэйде вид с самолёта

Вулкан Тэйдэ является третьим по высоте вулканом в мире после вулканов Мауна Лоа и Мауна Кея на Гавайских островах, а также самой высокой географической точкой Канарских островов и всей Испании. 
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Beginners guide to Mediterranean Islands

By some estimates, there are over 10.000 islands spread across the Mediterranean, with more than half situated in Greece alone. You would need multiple lifetimes to visit all of them. Some are simple rocks that protrude from the sea, while others are magnificent regions, sometimes housing whole countries. #mediterranen #islands #greece #places #travel presents - New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand lies in the south-west Pacific Ocean, 1,600 km east of Australia. It is made up of the North and South Islands and a number of smaller islands, with a total land area of 268,000 sq km. New Zealand is the most geographically isolated of all countries. Its closest neighbour, Australia, is 2,000 km to the northwest of the main islands across the Tasman Sea. The only landmass to the south is Antarctica, and to the north are New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga. #newzealand #island #north #south #tasmansea presents - Visit Phuket island and come back home with some great photos!

Visit Phuket island and come back home with some great photos!

Sandy beaches, fantastic landscapes and great Thai food give you plenty of reasons to visit Phuket, the largest and best-known island of Thailand. It has a land area of approximately 540 square kilometers (roughly the size of Singapore.) A quarter of a million people live there, most of them being either Thai or Chinese. Situated off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea temperatures vary from between 21 degrees and 34 degrees centigrade. Due to its geographical location, the months of November till April are traditionall. #travel #phuket #island #thailand #beach presents - Mauritius, Africa

Mauritius, Africa

Mauritius is situated at approximately 2000kilometers to the south-eastern coast of Africa and lies east of Madagascar. The land has an area of 1865 square kilometers with 330 kilometers of coastline. Inland features include a vast central plateau, subtropical forests, rivers, steams and waterfalls. Bordering this tableland are several mountain ranges consisting of diverse shaped masses of basalt testifying the volcanic origins of the island. #travel #mauritius #africa #madagascar #island presents - Балі


Індонезійський острів Балі, площею майже 5633 м2, лежить між Явою на заході та Ломбоком на сході і є одним із понад 17 000 островів, що складають індонезійський архіпелаг. Острів межує з Балійським морем та Індійським океаном. Це частина однієї з 33 провінцій Індонезії, зі столицею Денпасаром, розташованою на півдні острова. На острові проживає 3 891 428 людей, які сповідують різні релігії: 92,9% індуїстів, 5,69% мусульман, 1,38% християн та 0,64% буддистів. #travel #bali #island #indonesia #capital #asia presents - Top 5 Places to Visit in Tanzania

Top 5 Places to Visit in Tanzania

The country is dominated by the savannah, with an arid steppe region combined with temperate grasslands in the middle. Because of this mixture, the wildlife is outright amazing. Tanzania garners some of the biggest biodiversity when it comes to large animals and mammals in the entire world. Those who want to go on a safari and like seeing very wild and dangerous animals in their natural surroundings can’t miss Tanzania and the wildlife preserves it has to offer. By moving from one side of the country to another, it would seem that you are on a different planet. #tanzania #safari #savannah